Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Art for Student Lead Learning (S.L.L)

   My Art was done to show that Dogs evolved from Wolves into the friendly animals they are now.
I think that the wolves Just got domesticated  by Cavemen and the started to change their color and Shape.
This is what I think.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Living World Project

Living World Project

Room 1 has been working on a new project that Was given to them at the start of term. This is a project were we are learning about anything we like. We are learning About the Ecology, Evolution or the Life processes of the thing of our choice. I am doing Symbiosis's I think that these are really cool things. I did some writing about these things.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Letter To Myself

A Letter to Myself
Top-Secret Letter about Learning

To Evelyn Ceridwen Harris

Evie you can be a very distracted person.I think that It would be Ideal if you turned it into a goal, Maybe this goal could be along the lines of, Achieving focus in all your work.

Evie, you can often get frustrated and lose concentration then give up. I think this happens because you have to high expectations of yourself.
There is one thing that you could socially improve on, that is your bossyness. If you try and make a positive change then you could get even more friends.

One thing Evie, is you just need to keep your Head down.

Lastly I think you should continue to work on your blog.

   From Evie
P.S. Don’t let them filthy Muggles Get you off your Cloud!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Supermarket Wars

Super Market Wars is a project we have been working on that I will tell you about bellow.

Little Book
An incentive to read!!
These products are targeted at children of any age.
Our main aim is to encourage people to read any book that is placed in-front of them.
A little book will be given out with every $25 spent shopping at any Fresh Choice in the Nelson Region.
  These will come in a nature friendly container that has one small 4 cm tall model of the books available.

We have a few different fields that are on offer to collect. They are fantasy, picture book classic, adventure, comic, detective, horror, legend/myth and western. Once you collect all of a certain field, you can tell the customer service desk and you will be given a book of your choice from the field you collected.

You can collect fields more than once. The books are colour coded according to their field, and we encourage you to research the books as you collect them, so you know what book to get when you collect the whole field.

Happy reading
The creators, Team Fresh Choice

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lunar Park

Lunar Park is a math project that we have started the other day were we create a futuristic theme park but humans have moved to the moon and the math is that we have to decide on how many major rides, minor rides ,cafes and much much more. And we have an amount of money to spend and when you run out you run out I this teaches us to think in a different perspective and spending money wisely. 

Lucie an I are in a group and we are doing Fantazium fantasy... That is the name of our theme park

Fantazium fantasy
The Adventure is ALIVE
This is recommended to any age if you are a fictional story book dreamer than this Fantazium fantasy park is just for you. Sail with the pirates, prance with the unicorns, fight the dragon and much much more at Fantazium Fantasy adventures galore.

Fantasy food and more:
Come and dine and choose your favorite fantasy food it is a buffet so you get to choose. Meet the fictional fantastic fun charters you can even eat on a animal don't fall of. You can even bring your grandparents  as there is something for them to.
Cheap and a easy fictional day teach you kids how to play.

WE are probably going to present this on a piece of card board and neatly show the park.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



Steam Day 3
For STEAMS I was doing The All Day Lego Workshop where we brought some of our own Lego to school and made a new Lego set out of random pieces from old Lego sets. Because I forgot my Lego ( I say that with shame ) Leila, one of my friends, Let me share hers for she had LOTS & LOADS. Together we made a Hidden Heaven. 

Steam Day 4
I am SO excited! I got into "Say Cheese" (which is a STEAMS all day subject) with my friend Freya. In this all day workshop we will be going all over the town with big cameras like to the docks or to so place worth visiting then we will take the photos then print them out to make a book.
                                              Day Later

Today was sooooooo fun We took so many pictures, that the battery on my camera went dead